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About the job

Role Definition

Works under the direct supervision of MEPI Technical Director

Core Accountabilities

• Engineering Design.

• Team Leading.

• Client Interface.

• Resource Planning.

• Coaching.

• Performance Evaluation.

• Design Management.

• Design Coordination.

• Interface with Statutory Authorities.

• Design Research.

• Design Reviews.

• Site back-up.

Duties & Responsibilities

• Lead the design team throughout the design stages.

• Act as the client’s point of contact for design related issues.

• Act as the project’s design coordinator and contributes (fully or partially) to the overall design management activities.

• Responsible for the resource planning for the project and report project needs to senior team members.

• Conduct performance evaluation reviews to junior team members.

• Take initiatives to develop design manuals, standard design documents, presentations, etc. to increase efficiencies, knowledge and awareness across the wider engineering community.

Qualities & Skills

• Developed Engineering Design skills.

• Extensive project experience.

• Flexibility and attitude towards company objectives.

• Cordial relationships with clients and stakeholders.

• Understanding of SSH’s commercial management of projects.

• Understanding of risk management.

• Understanding of scope definition and scope interface.

• Developed presentation skills.

• Detailed knowledge of SSH’s standards, policies, codes and procedures and ability to transmit the same to others.

• Full knowledge of Statutory Authorities requirements, knowledge of codes, regulations and submission requirements.

• Developed knowledge of Fire & Life Safety Principles.

• Developed knowledge of Sustainable Design principles.

• Ability and will to mentor and provide support to junior staff members and spread knowledge across the wider architectural community.

• Ability and will to update knowledge.

• Excellent command of English (written and spoken). Knowledge of other languages is an added value.

Digital Platforms

• Office 365.

• PDF Xchange Editor.

• AutoDesk AEC Collection

• Specialist Engineering software specific to discipline


• B.Eng or B.Sc in relevant engineering discipline

• Desirable minimum 20 years post graduate experience.

• Local Society of Engineers membership.

• Desirable Chartered Engineer or similar accreditation.

Core Competencies Required

Customer Centricity

a) Acts as an advisor and showcases mastery skills and know-how in leading and developing customer service initiatives to continuously improve satisfaction  and enhance customer retention ratios.

b) Exhibits in-depth expertise in addressing, investigating and resolving complex customer complaints to continue building a strong customer base and enhancing customer loyalty levels .

c) Acts as a trusted advisor and displays mastery in customer service delivery by continually building and nurturing longterm strategic alliances and partnerships and effectively adapting market best practices to offer innovative and creative services and solutions.

Effective Communication

a) Acts as a role model in delivering persuasive communication to senior and high ranked internal and external audiences and exerts the capacity to take the lead in creating an environment that encourages open and honest communication to promote transparency across the organization.

b) Serves as a credible and powerful communicator, possesses the talent to effectively and clearly communicate complex issues, ideas and concepts to a wide and mixed audience and correctly interpret responses, to achieve mutual goals and reach common grounds

Teamwork and Collaboration

a) Exerts mastery skills and know-how in transferring knowledge, experiences and information required to others to enable them to perform and deliver within their area of specialty.

b) Demonstrates the ability to counsel, motivate and recognize the contribution of others to enable the achievement of collective results and shared goals.

c) Exhibits the skill to lead cross-functional workgroups and promote a culture of open communication and respect that values diversity of inputs and showcases the ability to set an example by openly sharing areas of improvement and lessons learned.

Accountability and Ownership

a) Displays a sense of ownership, accountability and a proactive attitude in evaluating situations and taking necessary actions to reducing barriers to success, ensuring efficient delivery of projects in line with set standards.

b) Exhibits the capacity and skill to define, communicate, and monitor the progress and achievement of individual and team members’ objectives against key performance indicators and ensures availability of recourses to realize goals.

c) Demonstrates the capability to address, investigate and resolve arising conflicts of interest within one’s function, showcases the ability to take responsibility for the team’s outputs and mistakes and displays the skill and knowhow to provide constructive feedback and devise adequate corrective actions.

Operational Excellence

a) Exhibits the aptitude to set an example of high quality standards in producing work outputs for subordinates and peers alike, supporting them in their quest for excellence, displays a strong work ethic and possesses the ability to exemplify and uphold the values of the SSH.

b) Showcases expertise in anticipating issues that may arise during projects and demonstrates the know-how and skill to use past experiences to make sound judgment calls in light of potential unplanned issues / situations.

Leadership Competencies Required

Problem Solving & Decision Making

a) Possesses the ability to rigorously anticipate problems, analyze concepts to solve complex issues, accepts full responsibility for decisions taken and shows accountability for poor decisions made.

b) Demonstrates resourcefulness and creativity in the decision-making process by challenging proposed solutions and considering broader issues and risks.

c) Displays a decisiveness attitude and confidence in making sound, clear and timely judgments by objectively evaluating information gathered from various sources and stakeholders to avoid making assumptions.

Effective Leadership

a) Displays the skill and know-how to build momentum, maintain cohesiveness and create energy within one’s team (s) and demonstrates the capacity to manage cultural differences and diversity and adapt ways of influencing different individuals and recognizing different motivations.

b) Showcases the capacity to provide team members with the clarity on roles and responsibilities, performance measures and key success areas and displays the skill to balance individual and team requirements to meet / exceed performance expectations.

c) Demonstrates the talent of motivating and encouraging others to achieve results by means of understanding their needs and drivers and possesses the know-how to instill confidence and enthusiasm in team members.

Empowerment & Delegation

a) Showcases the ability to effectively drive the achievement of results and to develop others through challenging opportunities and demonstrates the capability to empower subordinates by providing a clear definition of their role, specific goals and clearly defined authority processes.

b) Demonstrates the ability to recognize individual strengths and areas for improvement and provide equal opportunities for employees to employ them, creating an environment that encourages self-development and growth.

c) Exhibits the skill and know-how to set goals, conduct regular individual performance reviews and evaluations and work closely with one’s own team members to enable them to achieve personal aspirations and yield advancement opportunities.

Coaching & Mentoring

a) Displays the ability to continuously coach, develop, motivate and engage low performing employees to effectively support them through to higher performance.

b) Exhibits solid interpersonal skills required to actively listen, understand individuals’ needs, provide direction and guidance to further professional development and drive the emergence of desired behaviors.

Driving Performance & Results

a) Demonstrates the skill and know-how of breaking down large projects into smaller tasks to determine the best fit resources required for efficient work delivery, in line with set timelines and quality standards.

b) Possesses the talent to set high standards, performance expectations and challenging deadlines for oneself and team members in order to build operational excellence and ensure customers’ expectations are met/ exceeded.

b) Exerts the aptitude to seek, devise or support ways and means for continuous improvement of procedures, processes and policies to eliminate inefficiencies that can hinder achievement of targets/goals.

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Department: Engineering
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates

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