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The Podium, Cairo Festival City, Egypt

The Podium, Cairo Festival City, Egypt 0

The Podium is a commercial design development project located in the new Cairo Festival City, south of Downtown Mall Egypt. The quality of architecture and design of The Podium Offices revolve around sleek, cool lines that create an appealing layout – an ideal campus for business ventures piloted by the new generation of entrepreneurs.

The plot is 160 m x 410 m in size and comprises six commercial buildings, G+5 each, with a BUA of 1,705 sqm and an efficiency of 89%. The building floor plan includes six different configurations, ranging from single tenants with 1,500 sqm offices, to eight tenants with 75 sqm to 300 sqm offices.

There are two options available for the disposition of the buildings. The first option creates a diamond-shaped private central courtyard defined by each building façade. The centre of the courtyard forms the focal point to which each building has a clear line of site while providing the backdrop to the courtyard space.

The second option suggests a more formal and regular composition as the buildings fully utilise the extent of the plot whilst maintaining a strong connection to the neighbouring context. The massing arrangement opens itself to the drop-off areas, offering an inviting entrance experience. A variety of negative spaces are created, with a large and potentially multifunctional rectilinear courtyard in the centre.

A monumental and formal façade character gives to the buildings a unique design, establishing the district as a focus point in the city.

The Podium, Cairo Festival City, Egypt 1