Winter Camp Al Wadi, AlUla

The first phase of the Winter Camp is a luxury tented resort and festival area set within a 14sq km site, located among the spectacular rock formations and semi-arid desert setting of the AlUla region of KSA. The resort has been designed to sympathetically work with the area’s outstanding topography to achieve the vision of the client, the Royal Commission of AlUla, within the construction timeframe.

Winter Camp Al Wadi, AlUla 1

The site features 14 km of new access road and infrastructure to access the main resort, which has been built across a natural valleyed Wadi in the mountains of AlUla. The resort itself contains a 500-seat mirrored concert venue, complemented by five VVIP villas, 30 winter tent buildings, restaurants and a spa, along with a 500-person staff camp. Phase 2 of the project will see construction of a luxury hotel comprising 100 keys.

Winter Camp Al Wadi, AlUla 2

SSH was appointed as Lead Consultant on this ultra-fast-track, four-month design-and-build programme, which acted as a festival venue in December 2018. SSH provided full master planning, infrastructure and site-based design services, working in close collaboration with MACE and the Royal Commission to successfully complete the project’s first phase within the timeframe.