Criminal Investigation Headquarters

Criminal Investigation Headquarters 0

The Criminal Investigations Headquarters in the South Surra Ministries area in Kuwait is located on a site plot of 30,000 sqm, with a dynamic yet clean-formed architectural massing that comprises a main office block, an auditorium with dormitories, and an interrogation building.

With a BUA of 100,000 sqm, the five-storey office blocks are formed by two curved-in plan parts that are joined by a canyon-shaped atrium which is the focal space, showcasing dramatically changing volumes enriched by glazed elevators, free-standing towers, and bridges connecting both parts of the office block at various levels. The elevations are declined at both ends to become gradually inclined in the centre, emphasising the main entry to the building. Two levels of underground parking provide car parking spaces for 850 employees.

SSH was responsible for the design as well as construction supervision on the project which was completed in early 2022.

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