KOC Housing Development

KOC Housing Development 0

KOC has appointed SSH to provide design consultancy services for the new houses and associated facilities, proposed to be constructed in South Ahmadi, Kuwait.

The total allocated site area is 787,315 sqm with three new sites, namely Site A, Site B and Site C as follows:

Site A – site area: 319,287 sqm; built-up area: 41,280 sqm (160 junior grade residential units and landscape buffer zone).

KOC Housing Development 1

Site B – site area: 264,458 sqm; built-up area: 83,835 sqm (300 junior grade residential units, 1 large retail unit, 1 small retail unit and 1 mosque).

Site C – site area: 203,570 sqm, built-up area: 41,453 sqm (100 senior grade residential units, 1 large retail unit).