Corporate Governance

Transparency, integrity and accountability are the pillars of corporate governance. SSH is committed to these principles in the way we direct and control our business, as well as in the way we conduct our relationships with stakeholders, the Board of Directors, and our own management and employees. We understand that it is not enough to perform well; we must conduct our business in a way that promotes confidence, enabling us to grow and be competitive while remaining accountable.

SSH instils governance principles holistically into our strategic planning, internal controls, quality assurance, performance measurement, internal and external audit functions, and information disclosures. We aim to go beyond formal regulatory requirements and external audits by self-monitoring our adherence to governance principles.

Code of Ethics

Committed to the highest standards of integrity in all our dealings, SSH has adopted for a strict Code of Ethics that is applicable to all directors, officers and employees of SSH to set standards on how employees should behave with all our stakeholders.

Everyone has an organisational and personal responsibility to uphold these ethical standards and compliance with the law. This Code of Ethics affirms the policy of the Company and is a guideline to:

• Promote honest and ethical conduct that reflects positively on the Company;
• Maintain a corporate climate in which the integrity and dignity of each individual is valued;
• Assure compliance with laws, rules and regulations that govern the Company’s business activities; and
• Assure the proper use of the Company’s assets.

Employees are required to observe company rules and regulations and the principles established in this Code of Ethics and ensure wiss replica watches that the Code of Ethics is circulated as widely as possible and to provide the appropriate information regarding its content.

SSH will oversee compliance with the requirements contained in this Code of Ethics, whilst also ensuring that any corrective measures introduced in the event of its being violated are duly transparent.

Whistle Blowing Policy